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How overthinking affects your overall health | poojafitdiva

How Overthinking Affects Your Overall Health I overthink everything all the time,so I can relate this blog very much and I thought to help people to know how it affects our overall health.let me share my process of overthinking in detail and how it affects not only our mental health but also physical health. I overthink a single sentence told me by another person.Why is she saying? Why can't they be truthful and peaceful? What happened yesterday? What happened on that day when I was travelling so and so city? I too much overthink about social topics like why 98% are thinking same and only 2% are standing for good.Why always women have to fight for everything that we can't even explain?  If watching something on any digital platform and it's not right from my perspective I think a lot and lot I can't even express that feeling you can say for a day atleast? Always thinking about political issues,female problems,No equality  for females in each and every home of india,some

How to stay Super-Active throught out the day.

How to stay super-Active all day.

Hi, I am gonna tell you some of my secrets to stay active all the day whether you are doing work at home,cafe,office or any of your favourite place.It's gonna be exciting to know the benefits of staying Super-Active through out the day like it reduces the risk of heart disease,stroke and diabetes.

Tips to stay Super-Active through out the day:

1. Get up early in the morning


This is one of my most favourite cultivated habit for LIFETIME.Its the best way to keep your mind and body energetic for the long day.

2.  Stay hydrated 

Water benefits,drink more water,h2o

Water is the most needed fuel for proper function of our body comes with lots of benefits like

It is a Natural appetite suppressant 

It speeds up metabolism 

It cleanses the body of toxins

It boosts your energy

It helps build muscle tone

It Reduces stress

  I think we have enough reasons to stay hydrated and to feel active all the time.

3. Do excercise in the morning 

I do excercise in the morning regularly so I recommend to you and the benefits of excercise for your energy level are twofold: Excercise boosts your body's fitness and also your mood,both of which contribute to your health and well being.So your Energy boosts and you feel energetic as simple as that.

4. Take a small walk every half an hour

If you are sitting and doing any work so just get the reasons to stand and walk a little every half an hour.I have read that if we sit long hours without any break,it promotes obesity.,excess body fat around the waist,increased blood pressure,height blood sugar and abnormal cholesterol level.

5. Clean your house

I love cleaning like mopping the floor is my favourite and if you are not into dancing,gymnastics or you don't do excercise regularly then cleaning is the best way to stay fit and active.

6. Cultivate healthy eating habits

If you healthy you feel happy and if mood is good then offcourse you become energetic.


What I would recommend is if you take care of your fitness and health regularly can make you super-active and healthy for LIFETIME.You don't need to plan for a particular day to stay active.


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