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How overthinking affects your overall health | poojafitdiva

How Overthinking Affects Your Overall Health I overthink everything all the time,so I can relate this blog very much and I thought to help people to know how it affects our overall health.let me share my process of overthinking in detail and how it affects not only our mental health but also physical health. I overthink a single sentence told me by another person.Why is she saying? Why can't they be truthful and peaceful? What happened yesterday? What happened on that day when I was travelling so and so city? I too much overthink about social topics like why 98% are thinking same and only 2% are standing for good.Why always women have to fight for everything that we can't even explain?  If watching something on any digital platform and it's not right from my perspective I think a lot and lot I can't even express that feeling you can say for a day atleast? Always thinking about political issues,female problems,No equality  for females in each and every home of india,some

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