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What is fat and how it is stored in our body | poojafitdiva

What is Fat and how it is stored in our body  Fats are group of organic compounds that are soluble in organic solvents and genetically insoluble in water.Chemically fats are triglycerides,trimesters of glycerol and any of several fatty acids.Fats can be seen as solid or liquid at room temperature depending on their structure and composition. Fats are biological molecules also called as oils and lipids.However words like oils,fats,lipids all are used to refer to fats,reality is fat is a subset of lipid. Usually "Oils" is used to refer to fats that are liquids at normal room temperature while "fats" is usually is used to refer to fats that are solid at normal room temperature."Lipids" is used to refer to both liquid and solid fats along with other related substances which are usually in biochemical or medical context,which are insoluble in water. The word "oil" is used for any substance that doesn't mix with water and has a greasy quality like

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